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Aloha, I’m Rita!

I am a licensed lawyer who grew a caring professional practice in the epicenter of the Good Old Boys Club, and co-created extraordinary outcomes with my legal clients. Then my vitality tanked … at age 26. In doing what it took to break free from burnout, I earned a Master’s Degree in Resilience from the University of Hard Knocks. Ultimately, I succeeded in reclaiming radiance, and discovered I have a blazing bright passion for guiding leaders to shift from flat or fine to fantastic!

To co-create an external paradise in this shared world, we luminescent leaders must first make the RADIANT SHIFT to create an inner oasis.

Become blazing bright.

Read my flat to fantastic tale of triumph here: Rita’s Radiant Shift Story.


“I lovingly guide luminescent leaders to

shine at full power to

co-create a blazing bright world.”

– Certified Bulletproof Coach Rita Berg, Esq., CBC

★ Radiant Shift Expert ★



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Life Coach for Luminescent Leaders


You are rocking a simple, science-based strategic plan to supercharge your life! Your Luminescent Life Route™ is tailored to the true you. Traveling alongside you as you blaze your unprecedented path is a committed, energetic and joyful guide, champion, coach, professional woman, soul sister, adventurer, and experienced goal getter who truly cares about your vitality, happiness, and success.


★ Declutter your life. Create space for what lights you up. ★ Recognize and re-script your musts, shoulds, cannots, somedays, responsibilities, and have-tos to write your radiant life story. Then make your radiant life story your reality. ✪ Fuel up on FUNctional Foods for effortlessly effective weight management, high energy, and vibrance. Feel fantastic in your body. ✯ Skillfully manage unpleasant emotions. Triumph over what tugs other wonderful women under. While unpleasant waves of overwhelm, confusion, terror, doubt, and disappointment pummel other luminescent leaders into a dimmed, depleted and powerless state, you rise, shine, and soar on pleasant, empowering waves of radical acceptance, thrill, confidence, resilience, and joy. ★ Recharge to stay powered up for peaceful, proactive productivity and enjoy sustainable success. Bust stress and boost happiness.


❤︎ In a series of uplifting and inspiring coaching sessions with Bulletproof Coach Radiant Rita, you make meaningful progress toward making your dream life your reality!

The first time I met Rita, I was truly impressed by her intelligence, wisdom, vivacity, warmth, and — pure radiance. She has brains, beauty, and heart. I recommend Rita heartily to anyone who needs a coach. With her razor sharp mind, she was able to cut through the muck of my issues and enabled me to find my way to solutions and possibilities. Her empathy and warmth gave me a safe space to reflect on myself and my life. I felt truly supported and nurtured.


– Cherryl C.

Ablaze Solo Lady Adventures

Ablaze Solo Lady Adventures

Let’s shine blazing bright light to blast through one of the biggest barriers that holds women back from solo adventures … the Stranger Danger Script. Are you intimately familiar with the stranger danger script? Here goes: The world is a scary place, especially at night. What’s lurking in the shadows?

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There’s Hope! : My Toughest Client Broke Free from Burnout

There’s Hope! : My Toughest Client Broke Free from Burnout

I’ve been working closely with a frustrating and phenomenal woman for four years (when she finally admitted she needed help). Sure, signs showed up earlier. Tough Cookie had to use increasingly more caffeine to kick into gear in the morning. Speaking of cookies, look out! No sugary confection was safe in sight of her green eyes, which started to grow suspiciously dimmer. But she didn’t have time to notice such details.

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Cilantro-Lime Pork Chops (Paleo, Keto)

Cilantro-Lime Pork Chops (Paleo, Keto)

You’re about to watch the first video in my POWER!Wellness™ Series. POWER! stands for Practice Optimal Wellness Every day with Rita. (That’s me!) I make real-deal meals. Yes, it’s fun to get fancy but more importantly put functional foods on your plate, every time you eat, that will give you the fuel you need to feel fantastic. Cilantro-Lime Pork Chops are FUNctional fare, especially when you put on some upbeat music and dance your way around the kitchen.

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