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About Luminescent Leadership Center

Luminescent Leadership Center provides high-level education and training to professionals, coaches, and consultants all over the world centered on helping entrepreneurs generate more energy, master emotions, rock client relations, and amplify joy to gain more freedom in their lives.

Luminescent Leadership Center was founded by lady lawyer and Certified Bulletproof Coach Rita Berg after fatigue and metabolic chaos forced her to close her flourishing law firm. Rita reordered her life for radiance, enjoys abundant energy, and serves her international dream coaching clients from anywhere, most often her home on Maui.

Coach Radiant Rita guides luminescent leaders to make the radiant shift™ for more energy, emotional mastery, more enjoyment, and greater freedom. If you’re looking to explode your energy to turbocharge your entrepreneurial endeavors and ignite your life, then you are in the right place.


Luminescent Leadership Center helps coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and professionals make the radiant shift™ from burnt out, flat, “surviving,” “hanging in there,” or fine to fantastic to ignite lives and co-create a brighter world.

Rita Berg, Esq., CBC

Rita Berg is the founder of the Luminescent Leadership Center.

Affectionately called Radiant Rita by her colleagues and clients, Rita grew a caring legal practice in criminal defense, the epicenter of the Good Old Boys Club. Rita shattered the conventional Mr. Defender model, consciously customized her practice to provide stellar client service, and co-created extraordinary outcomes with her dream legal clients. Then fatigue and metabolic chaos forced Rita to close her flourishing firm. At age 26, Radiant Rita burned out. 

Rita spent four years and over $150,000 figuring out how to regain enough energy to fuel her vehicle for creating a luminous legacy via her entrepreneurial endeavors. Her radical results surpassed her wildest dreams. Not only did she succeed in returning to radiance, Rita hit the turbo blasters on her vehicle for creation. Now Rita enjoys abundant energy, and serves her international dream clients from anywhere, most often from her home on Maui. Her entrepreneurial endeavors are focused on guiding luminescent leaders to shift from flat or fine to fantastic.